Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Our cabinets start coming up on the wall.

Sorry to be not sharing as much as usual... we are working fast and hard to get everything done correctly.

We have had great freinds and family coming out to work with us. The kitchen cabinets are very easy to put together, once you figure it out. There is still quite a bit of assembly left, so feel free to come out in the next couple days if you want to put those together. Or you could start assembling our kitchen pantry shelving.

Plumber is coming today to do the water heater/ water softener. He'll be back next week for the cabinet fixtures and such.

My uncle is working hard to get all the fixtures, switches and outlets installed.

We are aiming to pass our final inspection Thursday next week. Hopefully everything goes smoothly!

Oh my, this house is looking absolutely wonderful!! I love all the COLORS!! Ms (or Mr.) juella wouldn't understand that.

I'll call you to see where I can help.
JUEALLA SAIYS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>help?
Thank you!
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