Saturday, October 15, 2005

Finishing continuing

Been out at the house a lot...

The flooring is moving along well... probably be done Sat or Sun. All the kitchen cabinets are put together for the most part, and we will be mounting them Sat.

Got the survey, and got it into the city. The city wanted to be sure we built the house where we said we would.

My Aunt Carolyn (Julia) and Uncle Chuck came out to help today. Carolyn did a great job touching up the paint... making the living room area look great! Chuck put together the pantry shelves, and worked on the floor with me.

Sat two of my cousins are coming out to wire the exterior lights. Will have other help out as well.

We are now hoping to pass our final inspection Wednesday... but for that to happen, a lot of things need to fall in place just right. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Oh yeah... and looking ahead, we intend to move into the house in 2 weeks. So we could be using help the last weekend of Oct. Please let us know if you'd like to give us a hand!

Carolyn is the imposter . . .
now the secret has been revealed. . .
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