Friday, October 28, 2005

Plumbing final.... pass! (but)

Yes, our plumbing final passed, except the water meter wasn't sealed by the city (something I should've asked the city to do apparently, but nothing I knew before today!)

So we couldn't pass our final inspection today.

So we need to fix that, and two other small issues, and we'll get our Cert. of Occ. on Monday.

The good news is we have the ok to move in this weekend. Give us a call if you want to help us out Sunday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mechanical A-OK!

GML4 just reported that our mechanical inspection has been passed! The last one will be plumbing, which may not happen until Friday. We have heat, and possibly hot water. Yea! Gas for the fireplace should also be connected yet today.

Meanwhile, the movers have arrived in Mound with lots of big stuff from various locations.... Rogers, Minnetonka and the storage place in Delano. Not sure where it's all going to end up, but I am looking forward to seeing the stove and refrigerator in place when I get there later this evening!

Tomorrow we'll be visited by the bank appraisor once again. We are hopeful he will be impressed and (cross your fingers) say that we've done enough to constitute a finished house!

It's all finally falling into place. Thanks again to all the many folks who have pitched in and helped us out, be it staining, trimming, sweeping, painting, wiring, insulating, babysitting... and the list goes on!!! We literally couldn't have done it without all of you!

Stay tuned for more pictures, and the good words from plumbing, city and bank inspectors!

Final inspections starting

As you see, we passed the electrical final Monday. On Wednesday, the mechanical inspection is to be done. Fortunately our gas was finished Tuesday. So that is good. Our plumber has his final set for Friday morning. I'm trying to get them to do it Thursday... but we'll see.

We have the bank representative coming Thursday to check things out. Hopefully he'll see things are finishing up, and we'll be able to move forward on our loan.

Tuesday my dad and Jon came out to hang doors. And my cousin Katti came out and touched up some more paint! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, our fireplace should be finished, and we have movers moving our large furnature and appliances to the house. We are planning to move into the house this weekend. We are renting a truck Sunday, and would appreciate any and all help!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Electrical inspection - passed!

Even though we haven't heard directly from either Geary or the inspector, there was a note on the fuse box this morning stating that the electrical has been given final approval! Yippee!! Now we are just waiting and hoping that all will go well on Wednesday with plumbing and HVAC (that is, after the gas is hooked up this afternoon) and we are still on track to get certificate of occupancy from the city on Thursday.

Exhausting weekend!

Here's three doors that we hung, along with some trim. Looking pretty good!

Sorry for the delay in the post. I've been spending every free moment I have at the house.

Thank you to all who helped over the weekend! You did great. Janet and I are very grateful to have such wonderful friends and family. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

We have most of the doors delivered Friday, and started hanging them Saturday. Had a guy come out to show us how. It went pretty slick, except some doors didn't fit where they were supposed to. I guess the framers changed some of them without telling me! I should get replacement doors Tuesday.

The gas never came last week. That was very frustrating! I called Centerpoint (the local gas monopoly) and they had a crew out there this afternoon. They said they would be back to finish up Tuesday.

If that's the case, we should have our mechanical and plumbing final happen on Wednesday, so we can get our certificate of occupancy from the city. Then we can go to the bank (provided we have the rest finished up) for modification.

The guys came back Monday to finish work on installing the Microwave, so that is working now. Fireplace guys should be there Wednesday to finish their installation.

So besides trying to finish the house, we also need to start moving to our home this week. We have professional movers coming to move the big things Wednesday. They'll handle the big furnature, appliances, and Merrill's tools. We are supposed to be out of the apartment Nov 1st.

Thank you again to our friends and family and all their support!

A closeup of a window.

You can see the fireplace taking shape here... and some of the trim we got up around the windows and doors.

Here you can see the finishing work done on the bathroom... with towel bars, and toilet paper holder!

Katti's husband Pat helping out... well after the donut.

My aunt Sue, and my cousin Katti working around the fireplace.

My dad was out too, we successfully hung a few doors.

On Sunday, Lynda came out and helped with some touch up painting. Thank you Lynda!

My wonderful wife finishing the cabinets. She did a great job!

Here's my aunt Carolyn, and my cousin Deanna staining doors.

Janet and I really appreciated everyone's help this weekend. Here's my aunt Gloria and aunt Sue.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Our new dishwasher.

Geary was out finishing his work today. He will have his final inspection tommorrow. Thank you Geary!

Still waiting for the gas to be hooked up.

Arranged through Home Depot to get doors and trim to be delivered Friday. Any and all help is appreciated to stain and hang them this weekend and next week, a warning though, we will be at a wedding later Sat afternoon.

Janet will be working on tiling the hearth around the fireplace this weekend.

So the guys were trying to install the microwave hood vent. (a vent of my own creation from yesterday you might remember). So they were having difficulties getting it hooked up correctly. The second guy decided he needed to stand on our new cabinets... and broke one of them!

Here's the cabinet the guys broke today.

Our undercabinet lighting is wired... doens't it look great!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Progress on finishing.

Kitchen counter and sink.

A long day at the house today. The plumber came and put in their final items. He's pretty much set to pass the final inspection whenever the gas gets turned on.

Marvin, a guy I worked with briefly, came out and started the landing for the last door. Sounds like he'll be finished Wednesday.

Geary was out tonight, finishing up his business. He plans to have inspection Thursday done.

My dad came out and fixed some railings. The inspector said what was done before was fine, except they need hand-fitting handrails. Sigh. So he put some 2X2's on. Hopefully it will be ok for our final.

My mom was out, and continuing to fix up the paint job... it's not a lot of fun to stand on the ladder to tape, and paint over the ceiling, but she is doing a great job. Tommorrow she's doing the hard work of watching Maeve. Thank you Mom!

We are trying to secure doors and trim before the weekend. The trim should be easy to aquire... I'm not so sure about the doors.

The good news is that the floor we've been working on for the last 2 weeks is practically done. The only thing left for that is the pieces to put down between the laminate, and carpet, or vinyl floors. Tommorrow I would like to place our countertops on the rest of the cabinets, and get that finished up and looking nice. Geary plans to be out to finish his work tommorrow, which includes our undercabinet lighting. Hopefully they will be hooking up our gas...

Oh yeah... Thank you Carolyn for the wonderful soup. We really enjoyed it tonight!

Here's what I spent the entire afternoon on... venting the microwave hood. Not as easy as I thought it would be. Our new microwave and dishwasher will be installed tommorrow.

Faucet's in the showers.

The tub is set... and the bathroom looks great!

Monday, October 17, 2005


Here's our upstairs hallway light... it matches the mainfloor hallway sconces.

We got the handrails up today. Mom of course was out helping to, painting to fix my painting mistakes. She took Maeve for the evening. Thanks Mom!

Good news is that we passed our insulation inspection.

Bad news is that we may not get this done this week. We have a couple things holding us up...

One is that the gas service hasn't been reconnected yet. All they will tell me is that it will be done this week, but they won't tell me which day. We can't pass our mechanical inspection until we have working furnaces.

Another (and this is the biggie) is that the city has one set of expectations for finishing a house, and the bank another... Up til today, we believed this was the same thing, basically meaning all we needed was a livable house... things like trim, and interior doors were not necessary. Well the bank's representative came out today, and basically said that everything needs to be done. How this is bad for us is that we were expecting to convert our construction loan to a mortgage this week, and now that won't be possible, and even expecting things to be finished next week is rather a stretch. This means we need to have our kitchen countertops in (which due to a shipping snaffu, won't be delivered for two weeks) trim and doors stained and hung, closet shelving completed; things we weren't expecting to have to do for a couple weeks, while we moved in. This is all complicated by the fact that we need to be out of our apartment by Nov. 1st and the bank will soon start penalizing us for the fact we haven't finished...

So things that need to be done...

Get alt. kitchen countertops in for the bank (which I hope I can do before the plumber get's there Tue morning)
Get our trim boards, and start measuring and cutting
Get said trim varnished (big varnishing party this weekend! stay tuned for more details)
Get doors, and start hanging them.
Get closet shelving in
Organize babysitters for Maeve for evenings and weekends. (anyone free?)
Finish floor (I know... I've been saying that for a few days.... I keep getting distracted! Believe me it's almost done!)

Ceiling fan is in the Master bedroom... it is beautiful!

Master bathroom vanity... minus the mirror.

Mainfloor bathroom vanity.

The Linkert family getting ready to finally live in their home!

My young freind Alex, and brother-in-law, Jon, came out and hung the kitchen cabinets.

A close up of our exterior lights.

Our garage, with the lights on!

Doesn't the kitchen look great!

My cousin Jeremy, from above. Thanks for you help!

My cousin, Chad, high up a ladder installing our exterior lights and outlets... apparently he got electrocuted twice! What a cousin!

The water heater.

Toilets! We are very grateful plumbers! Unfortunately they put the toilets in the wrong bathroom. They should be back Tuesday to finish their work, and switch the johns.

The flooring is still going underway. Almost done... just a few more rows.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Still finishing

Kitchen cabinet's are up... for the most part, thanks to Alex and Jon. They look great!

Chad and Jeremy came out to do the exterior lights and outlets. Thanks guys!

My dad and I continued to work on the floor... it's almost done.

I'll try to have some pics to share later today.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Finishing continuing

Been out at the house a lot...

The flooring is moving along well... probably be done Sat or Sun. All the kitchen cabinets are put together for the most part, and we will be mounting them Sat.

Got the survey, and got it into the city. The city wanted to be sure we built the house where we said we would.

My Aunt Carolyn (Julia) and Uncle Chuck came out to help today. Carolyn did a great job touching up the paint... making the living room area look great! Chuck put together the pantry shelves, and worked on the floor with me.

Sat two of my cousins are coming out to wire the exterior lights. Will have other help out as well.

We are now hoping to pass our final inspection Wednesday... but for that to happen, a lot of things need to fall in place just right. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Oh yeah... and looking ahead, we intend to move into the house in 2 weeks. So we could be using help the last weekend of Oct. Please let us know if you'd like to give us a hand!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Our cabinets start coming up on the wall.

Sorry to be not sharing as much as usual... we are working fast and hard to get everything done correctly.

We have had great freinds and family coming out to work with us. The kitchen cabinets are very easy to put together, once you figure it out. There is still quite a bit of assembly left, so feel free to come out in the next couple days if you want to put those together. Or you could start assembling our kitchen pantry shelving.

Plumber is coming today to do the water heater/ water softener. He'll be back next week for the cabinet fixtures and such.

My uncle is working hard to get all the fixtures, switches and outlets installed.

We are aiming to pass our final inspection Thursday next week. Hopefully everything goes smoothly!

My dad furiously working on the floor.

Here's showing our progress on the floor.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Janet after she grouted the tiles Sunday. Doesn't she look great!

You can see our sconce's for the hallway on the left... and the beginnings of our chandelier off in the distance.

Sigh... not totally done with the insulation yet... my dad has some gaps to fill in the attic trusses yet.

Master bedroom hall light fixture.

We forgot to pick a fixture here... but this looks nice don't you think? ;)

Carpet and the walking lights for the stairs in and working (these are the steps I was sitting in below)

Ceiling fan in Guest bedroom.

Ceiling fan in Merrill's future bedroom.

Our vanity for the mainfloor bathroom is in. The top should be in in a day or two.

Here's the what I did Saturday with help from my mom. It's not fun being on your knees the whole time!

Gail and Janet begun tiling the bathtub frame, they've done a great job!

Most of the light fixtures have been put in. This is our living room.

This was last week... finally finishing the stairs... or almost finished when this picture was taken.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Carpet installed

Maeve's room, with the carpet just getting installed.

Sorry for the quality of the pics again... it's been so dark, and the camera really pics up the dust in the air.

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