Friday, September 02, 2005

They finished the siding on the lakeside.

Wow!!! Lookin' good!!!
Guess you took my advice on the siding color. :)
I do know fashion, you know.(unlike the imposter juealla . . . )
"Julia" the real one.
yeowie...paint the bedrooms off white....mushroom.....egg shell....marshmellow.....sheen room maybe a light med. ivory..with satin clean whitedove mix.....which is a low luster white ivory mix... very ellegant... and will match anything you add to wallslllllllllllll Jueally the expert decor and paint expert
;;; ya///////// i might suggest a bone white for bathrooms...very calm color.... really like the color are the coolest juealla. and the really real one
Say WHAT??? A conspiracy!!
juealla or whoever you are. . . boring as boring white. . . as boring white . . . as boring. . . .
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