Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Starting our finishing

Ok... lots going on.

We picked out the last of our light fixtures last weekend... and they will be delivered in about two weeks...

We're trying to nail down our carpet situation. We are meeting with Empire Wednesday night, please comment if you have had any experience with Empire, or like to make a recommendation.

We picked our wall colors for painting, and I am borrowing a friend's paint sprayer that will hopefully do most of the work for us. We need to do a lot of masking windows, doors, and maybe ceilings as well before we begin that.

I've started finishing the steps. We've been walking on 2X6's up til this point. Hopefully can finish it by the end of the weekend.

My dad has been taking dirt out to replace the dirt that has been washed away. He also is building the guardrail on our entryway this week.

We got a lot to do...

Hey, call me if you need help taping windows, etc. this weekend. Be glad to help. You know the number.
Please use paint with "color". Don't let your dad pick.
Thank you Julia.....

... your not the Julia with the beard are you?
mustache maybe, but no beard.
Need my help on Sat.? I'm cheap. let me know . . . work well with others. . .
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