Sunday, September 25, 2005

Priming finished... painting started

My dad and I spent all day out at the house priming and painting. Went much faster and easier today mainly because we didn't put it on as thick as we did Saturday, and also the rooms were bigger, and much easier to move around in them. After priming, I actually painted Maeve's room. Goofed up some, gettting paint on the ceiling and such, but not too bad on a first try if I do say so myself!

My wonderful wife went out and pick bathroom floors to have installed later this week. Great job Janet!

Goals this week include getting phone and gas hooked up to the house, have the grading redone (all water presently runs toward the house... not a good thing) finish painting, and hopefully get the floor started. If we do get our bath floors in this week, we can install our bath cabinets next weekend too. If there is anyone out there who might like to try installing bath cabinets for us, let us know. It would be nice to have someone help us with that.

We are always glad to have the help of our friends and family. Even if it's too watch Maeve while we do other work. Feel free to call if you want to give a hand.

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