Friday, September 23, 2005

Painting this weekend

The sheetrock finished, we will finally begin priming the interior of the house Saturday morning. My mom and dad have been at the site a lot this week cleaning, vacuuming, and masking the house.

Met with my good old friend, Jim Wroblewski, to borrow his paint sprayer. Thank you Jim!

I have a friend coming by to look at building a landing and steps for one doorway as well Saturday.

Unfortunately we had stored a lot of stuff at a house in Maple Grove. This house got through the storms fine, except for a loss of electricity for a while, and many of the boxes were damaged, including some contents. Fortunately the loss was mostly books. Some pictures got wet, but are salvageable. Janet with my Aunt Carolyn will be picking up most of those things to bring them to Mound Saturday.

We are also fortunate to have Merrill's old friend, Russ, come out to work on our steps. We don't have quite all the treads we need, but he should have enough to do many of them, plus all the risers.

We are planning to be out there Sunday to continue painting.

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