Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Carpet choices made

We met with Empire, and have scheduled their business to carpet our bedrooms in a week and a half. We still need to find a floor for our bathrooms.

Started masking windows today. It doesn't seem hard. The plan is to primer the whole house this weekend.

Hoping to place the order for our cabinets tommorrow from IKEA.

Janet and I are discussing with the bank and city about finalizing at the end of October, which is coming rapidly. So we will be needing our friends and family's support.

What would be a big help for us would be someone to watch Maeve... especially during the day on Tue, Wed, and Fri. We are also looking for help from people who could help finish the stairs. It's not terribly hard, but you need to use a skillsaw and drill. If anyone wants to try it this weekend, give me a call.

My mom and dad will be out there tommorrow building the railing for our entryway.

We appreciate everyone's support!

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