Thursday, September 29, 2005

Our dining area...

Here's the kitchen again, and the Mountain Sage we painted our living and dining room in (to the left)

I painted most of the mainfloor Thursday night. These pics were taken with very poor lighting. Here's the foyer (Fiddler's Leaf - Dark green) and the kitchen (banna split - yellow)

My dad completed the handrail for our entrance. Thanks Dad!

Don't think I've shown the garage all sheetrocked, and taped up. Garage doors are going on tommorrow.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Maeve's room... with Maeve (who is 9 months old today). The quality of these pictures is not great as this was early in the morning, and quite cloudy.

This is the first picture ever of a giant squid in it's natural habitat. Apparently measured to be 26 feet long, it is purplish red, and attacked the prey aggressivly. Pretty cool! I wonder if you can find these in Lake Minnetonka?

This is our upstairs hallway. I really enjoy this color.

The Master bedroom. This seems darker then I imagined, but it's hard to tell as it was early on a cloudy rainy morning.

Our living room all primed and ready for painting.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Painting and stairs

Got a nice chunk of the painting done today. Painted the mainfloor bath, and Merrill's room "Silverdust" did the upstairs hallway "Banana Split" and the Master bedroom "Denim Blue". Feeling pretty good about the job I did... still a lot more to do.

My dad came out and cleaned out the bathrooms for when we get those floors hopefully later this week.

Russ came out again to continue working on the steps. We now have complete steps going from the mainfloor to the terrazzo. Thank you Russ!

Also, thanks to my mom who watched Maeve again today.

I'll hopefully will have pictures Wednesday.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Priming finished... painting started

My dad and I spent all day out at the house priming and painting. Went much faster and easier today mainly because we didn't put it on as thick as we did Saturday, and also the rooms were bigger, and much easier to move around in them. After priming, I actually painted Maeve's room. Goofed up some, gettting paint on the ceiling and such, but not too bad on a first try if I do say so myself!

My wonderful wife went out and pick bathroom floors to have installed later this week. Great job Janet!

Goals this week include getting phone and gas hooked up to the house, have the grading redone (all water presently runs toward the house... not a good thing) finish painting, and hopefully get the floor started. If we do get our bath floors in this week, we can install our bath cabinets next weekend too. If there is anyone out there who might like to try installing bath cabinets for us, let us know. It would be nice to have someone help us with that.

We are always glad to have the help of our friends and family. Even if it's too watch Maeve while we do other work. Feel free to call if you want to give a hand.

Painting the upstairs

My father painter primer on the upstairs. Looks good. We should get the main floor done tommorrow.

Janet and Carolyn moved some boxes to the house. Then Carolyn helped with some cleaning. Thank you Aunt Carolyn!

Also had Russ out there. He did a great job on more of the steps. Hopefully he be back Tuesday to continue the good work.

Met with Marvin, a guy I used to work with and does part time carpentry. He'll be building the landing and stairs for one of our side doors.

Will be back out there Sunday priming the Main Floor (as I said).

Oh yeah... thanks for the cupcakes and tater tot hotdish!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Painting this weekend

The sheetrock finished, we will finally begin priming the interior of the house Saturday morning. My mom and dad have been at the site a lot this week cleaning, vacuuming, and masking the house.

Met with my good old friend, Jim Wroblewski, to borrow his paint sprayer. Thank you Jim!

I have a friend coming by to look at building a landing and steps for one doorway as well Saturday.

Unfortunately we had stored a lot of stuff at a house in Maple Grove. This house got through the storms fine, except for a loss of electricity for a while, and many of the boxes were damaged, including some contents. Fortunately the loss was mostly books. Some pictures got wet, but are salvageable. Janet with my Aunt Carolyn will be picking up most of those things to bring them to Mound Saturday.

We are also fortunate to have Merrill's old friend, Russ, come out to work on our steps. We don't have quite all the treads we need, but he should have enough to do many of them, plus all the risers.

We are planning to be out there Sunday to continue painting.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Carpet choices made

We met with Empire, and have scheduled their business to carpet our bedrooms in a week and a half. We still need to find a floor for our bathrooms.

Started masking windows today. It doesn't seem hard. The plan is to primer the whole house this weekend.

Hoping to place the order for our cabinets tommorrow from IKEA.

Janet and I are discussing with the bank and city about finalizing at the end of October, which is coming rapidly. So we will be needing our friends and family's support.

What would be a big help for us would be someone to watch Maeve... especially during the day on Tue, Wed, and Fri. We are also looking for help from people who could help finish the stairs. It's not terribly hard, but you need to use a skillsaw and drill. If anyone wants to try it this weekend, give me a call.

My mom and dad will be out there tommorrow building the railing for our entryway.

We appreciate everyone's support!

We saw this at the DQ in Mound just the other day, and had to take a picture...

Here's an obligatory Maeve pic. Be sure to check her web page for her weekly Tuesday pic. This is her first time playing with magnets on the fridge. Playing means taking them off, then either chewing, or dropping them on the floor.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Starting our finishing

Ok... lots going on.

We picked out the last of our light fixtures last weekend... and they will be delivered in about two weeks...

We're trying to nail down our carpet situation. We are meeting with Empire Wednesday night, please comment if you have had any experience with Empire, or like to make a recommendation.

We picked our wall colors for painting, and I am borrowing a friend's paint sprayer that will hopefully do most of the work for us. We need to do a lot of masking windows, doors, and maybe ceilings as well before we begin that.

I've started finishing the steps. We've been walking on 2X6's up til this point. Hopefully can finish it by the end of the weekend.

My dad has been taking dirt out to replace the dirt that has been washed away. He also is building the guardrail on our entryway this week.

We got a lot to do...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sheetrock and siding is done!

Our future living room.

Sorry for the hiatus. We've been out of the state seeing some of Janet's relatives in Washington and Oregon.

It is nice to come back and see most of the work completed that needed to be done. Janet and I now have our work cut out for us, and have a lot to get done ASAP.

Sad news is that we discovered a wool rug which we were intending to use in the living room has been infested with moths. The damage isn't too bad, and hopefully we caught it before it was too bad.

We picked wall colors for the living room, and have good ideas for the rest of the rooms. We hope to be painting in the next few days. Chime in if you want to help!

Maeve's and ????'s room.

Our house with siding!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Insulation in the attics

We blew in insulation into the attics today. Unfortunately the materials were delivered 4+ hours late... so we were not finished working until 9:30 tonight. We ended up a bit short of material, but we should be able to finish it in the weeks ahead.

Big thank you's to my dad, and Alex. They actually went up into the attic spaces to blow the stuff in. My roll was just filling the machine. They got very dusty. Thank you guys!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Last of insulation to be done Sunday

Got a good deal at Menards on insulation that will be blown into the attics Saturday, and will get that done Sunday. It will be a long day, but will be good to get it done.

The sider's will be back Tuesday to finish up, and the sheetrock people will be back next week to tape and mud and finish up their work next week.

We'll be painting in about two weeks... so look for notices about that soon.

Friday, September 02, 2005

The kitchen... bonus points if you can spot Maeve!

Our master bedroom.

They finished the siding on the lakeside.

Here are our AC units... check out the new siding!

Sheetrock has begun

That was wierd...

Seeing Sheetrock put up on the walls... giving the rooms shape. The place seemed smaller in many ways.

The crew worked fast today, and did most of the house, with only a couple rooms left.

Also got the A/C units out there today, and the siding was delivered, so even more interesting pics tommorrow!

Our foyer and entryway.

Maeve's bedroom.

Our kitchen (pantry on the right, wall for island on the left)

The Linkert family in their future living room.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Goodbye walls... hello sheetrock

It seems so final... the sheetrock was there sitting in the house, ready to be put in tommorrow. My dad was out there again, this time fixing the attic accesses (we had built them originally too small) and then we fixed some blocking issues, and filled in some last minute vapor barrier spots we missed before.

Tommorrow, the 'rock' goes up... and there won't be anything left for us to on in those walls. Its very strange.

Hopefully we'll have pictures tommorrow.

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