Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Here's Janet opening another Bat of insulation.

Wow, that quite the look. It's like a woman at work.

I am glad your covering yourself. Hope you find it all easy to do.

Setting a fashion statement now aren't we?
Join me in Hollywood. . .
Well, pardon me... my ballroom gown is in the cleaners.
yeowie......where is my chain saw...I help cut some to put inbtween the studs..........picture to show soon?
Is it Halloween already????
couple of tips
don't compress the batts, it's the air doing the insulating not the fiberglass.

be VERY VERY meticulous with the vapor barrier in the house, we weren't and we still have cold spots in the house where the vapor barrier isn't sealed properly.

stuff batting into all the little spaces around windows and doors.

Good LUck
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