Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Insulation inspection... passed!

With a couple of modifications, we passed our insulation inspection Tuesday, and the sheetrockers start Thursday. The only problems were a couple missed holes for vapor barrier, and we made our attic accesses a bit too small. So we are in good shape, and looking forward to having walls being put in.

My good friend, Scott Wrobleski came by last night, and showed me how to wire up the cable and telephone wires. Thank you Scott!

After the sheetrock is done being taped and fixed (we will want to paint. So let us know if you interested in helping us paint!

Here's the wall for our kitchen island.

Here's where the AC units will sit.a

Our foyer, insulated, and ready for sheetrock.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Insulation inspection Tuesday

Well... I think we've got everything done. Inspection is Tuesday afternoon. If passed, we already have the sheetrockers ready to go on Wednesday morning. So keep your fingers crossed!

We went light shopping over the weekend, and thus our chandalier for the dining room (see below). We also picked out lights for most of the rest of the house. Lots of fun.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Our new chandelier!

Friday, August 26, 2005

More poly... does it ever end?

Janet and I got the rest of the poly up in the upstairs ceiling... all that's left is the garage ceiling, and a couple smaller spots in the basement, which we'll get this weekend.

My dad was out there again tonight, making the spaces where our attic accesses will be. He's doing great work!

Thank you again to my mom for watching Maeve!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Poly goes up on the ceiling

We had some great help Wednesday night and got alot done on the ceiling. Mainfloor and part of upstairs have been completed. Big thank you's to Mark Methany and Bruce Denenny!

You wouldn't believe how much my folks have been helping us out. My dad brought out a bunch of dirt to create a pad for the AC units to sit on, and fixed up the old old mailbox. My mom was out cleaning a ton Wednesday. They are super. Thank you Mom and Dad!

Not quite ready for inspection yet... we'll definitely be ready next week.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Looking for help Wednesday night.

Fortunately I was able to get out today to get the majority of the insulation in the walls. Now all that's left is putting the poly (plastic sheets) over it, and over the ceiling.

We'd like to get this done Wednesday, and it would be nice if we had some help that night. It's not terribly dirty work, though your hands may get some glue on them. So if your free, we'd love to have you join us... call me if you are planning to come. We'll feed you.

Garage nearly insulated

Janet and I got a good couple hours in the garage, doing the ceiling there. We're using R-38, which are 12" thick, and so not as easy to cut for the different spots. So a lot of standing on ladders, then bending down to cut the insulation. Janet and I worked really good as a team today.

On a personal note, it was exciting to have the Denenny family (Bruce, Jenny, Jackson and Grace) come into town, and visit the site. They were very excited to see the work. With them in town though, it means that we might not get as much done as we would've otherwise. The plan right now is for me to head out there tommorrow to work, as Janet has some other obligations.

Friday, August 19, 2005

More poly, and insulation of garage.

And of course, our hero...trying to get as much insulation in the garage as possible.

We rented one of those Home Depot trucks, to get the insulation for the garage, and rest of the basement today. Had a few problems, and got to the house later than what we wanted, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Planning to be out there for a while Saturday. Probably not Sunday as we have some plans.

Oh is my wife great... she has suffered the insulation nearly all week, and has been real supportive of all the work we've been doing. Here she is about to return some unused bags of insulation, and the pickup we rented.

So here's the basement wall Janet and I did Thur. night. Those are 13 foot high ceilings! (we are very careful)

As I've said before, my Mom has been a big help. She's so great at either helping with the 'work', or at least watching Maeve... which is the real work. Thank you again Mom!

Here's Maeve's room, and the insulation and poly we've done so far. All we need to do here now is put poly on the ceiling.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Insulation in the basement

Was a productive day today. Got the insulation on two of the walls in the basement, and Janet and I poly'd one of them. Unfortunately the third wall we need to insulate has 2X4 studs (the rest of the house had 2X6). For 2x4 studs, I need to get a different type of insulation. So I'll have to go get insulation for that, and the garage tommorrow, so hopefully we can get more done this weekend.

A special thanks to my mom, who came and watched Maeve from 1:30 in the afternoon til we were done at 8:00 tonight. Thanks Mom!

Hopefully I'll remember the camera tommorrow.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The poly goes up

I've got no pictures, but we got a lot done tonight. My uncle Geary, Jon, and my folks came out and we put plastic sheets over the insulation in the walls. Tommorrow we'll be back putting insulation in the basement and putting up more poly.

Thank Mom, Dad, Jon and Geary!

Monday, August 15, 2005

June likes to install insulation!

Big Thank You's to June, and Jim, and my dad and mom for helping out too. We appreciate our friends and family's support.

It's been real itchy putting the insulation in. We've been out there a couple days now, and we have insulation in all the walls on the main floor and upstairs. Now we need to put plastic over all of it and seal it. We will also need to put insulation in the garage, and the basement.

Janet and June did a great job putting the insulation in upstairs. They did this despite the fact I got them the wrong sized bats! As you can see behind them, I should've gotten bats about 6 inches wider. Well they managed to piecemeal it together, and did a great job. Thank you!

Yeowie... we had some help installing our insulation. Don't know if this guy has the finesse for the job.

Hey we finally got someone to rent our slip... kind of... This guy said he would add on to our dock, so he could rent from us. I told him, put in a good dock, and he can park here for the rest of the summer for free. So now we have a nice extended dock!

While we're working on our insulation, the HVAC guy has been installing our furnaces. Mighty impressive aren't they?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Insulation begins

Here's a wall where we did the easy parts. You can see we still need to to above and below the windows, and the narrow spaces.

We went out to start our self-insulation Wednesday night. We just grabbed 5 bats of insulation just to get a start and see how it works. It was pretty easy putting the stuff in the walls... I'm sure it will be more fun when we staple, glue and tape the poly over them later.

We'll be back out there Friday afternoon/evening, and a big chunk of the day Saturday.

Here's Janet opening another Bat of insulation.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Well... we had the guy scheduled to do the insulation Wednesday. Then we discussed it, and decided to do it our selves. So we are planning to do the insulation this week and weekend, and see how we do. We'd appreciate any advice.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Back in business

Here's the fireplace!

Ok... now I can post pictures... I don't know what's been the problem lately, except I might be overloading my host.... buy I haven't heard from them, so I'm not going to say anything.

Finally passed our framing and HVAC inspections. So we can insulate now. The delays have included a leaky gas line, basement didn't have fireblocks (see pic below), and the inspector wanted to see the truss specs, which I didn't have there the first time he was out there.

Also got the concrete poured, and we have our entryway done! Yipee! The fireplace is in, all the electrical is done (except doorbell needs to be finished, and thermostate wires run).

So we will insulate next week, then sheetrock the week after, and that's when the fun begins!

Sorry to be out of touch!

Fireblocks in place finally here. (Firecode reasons.)

Our garage slab is poured... Hi Maeve!

Our completed entryway!

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