Saturday, July 02, 2005

Working on the floors.

Isn't the terrazzo floor looking great?! Alex and I swept up this room really good, so when the Terrazzo guys come in to patch up the floor, they won't miss anything. We also pulled down the last of the foam insulation that was glued to the walls here, so when the energy walls get put up, there won't be anything in the way. I hope I can mop up this floor in the next couple days, and make it really shine. I have a mop and bucket... I just need a source of water...

The other part of our job today was moving that pallet of boxes in the middle of the room from Home Depot to the house. We got some laminate wood for the majority of our main floor. With help of my dad, and his pickup, we managed to load all 65 cases of laminate flooring, and a dozen or so rolls of foam, and unload them at the house. Janet was carrying these boxes too. We all worked up a real sweat! Well, ok I worked up a real sweat... my wife of course doesn't sweat... she perspires. ;)

Special thanks to Grandma Linkert for watching Maeve while the work was going on.

Janet and I will be spending time this weekend looking at kitchen cabinets, and maybe appliances. We also will be running telephone and TV wires through the house. If anyone wants to come out and help, give us a call!

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