Sunday, July 03, 2005

TV and Telephone lines go in

Wow... we got a lot done today! We had lots of great help from our friends and family.

We met Jon, and Patty Bradway with Sarah and Sam. We immediately went to work. Patty and Janet started running telephone lines, and Jon was running TV/Cable lines. Sam and Sarah watched Maeve. Jo and George came out and helped too.

Unfortunately we then ran out of telephone lines before we were finished. We started running some other electrical lines, while Janet and Patty ran to get more telephone wire, and lunch. When they came back, the store had the wrong kind of wire unfortunately. Despair fell over the house, as it looked like we would not be able to do everything we wanted to do.

Then a call from our heros came. My Aunt Carolyn, Gloria and Deanna wanted to come out and help. A cry of triumph rang through the house as I carefully, and with detail explained what kind of wiring we needed them to pick up for us on the way. A half hour later they came, and we finished our task with speed. I'm sure my uncle will be surprised that we got everything done.

We also had help from Cheryl and Todd, though we didn't have enough oven wire. There was a surprise visit from Bud and Helen Lilley, Merrill's oldest friends.

Thank you very much everyone for coming out to help. My uncle will be out there Monday to continue work, as I will be too I suppose.

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