Thursday, July 07, 2005

The plumbing begins!

Our shower!

It was good to have the plumber there today. Boy he works fast! All the tubs and showers were there, and they were laying in the pipe for the whole house.

The Terrazzo guy was also there, I didn't take pictures of his work for some reason. He says he'll be done there tomorrow.

I'm meeting the insulation guy there tomorrow morning (8AM! yikes!) We're aiming for him to do his work in two weeks. I also scheduled the fireplace to be installed a week from Friday. Finally made contact with the sheetrock guy today too... he's all set. It's coming together very nicely. Isn't it nice when that happens?

By the way, I've set the comment section now to accept anonymous posts, so you don't need to sign in and register to comment anymore. Since that's the case, I'm asking you to please, in the comment section, suggest what colors we should paint the master bedroom?

Thank you!

Romantic green and blue!
Romantic green and blue!
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