Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ode to GWL3

I'm very lucky to have such a great guy for a dad.

He called me this afternoon, wondering if I was going out to the house to do some work today. I replied that I planned to, after work, and after Janet came home to take care of Maeve. He said he would meet me out there. That was great, I told him, and I'll call him later when I have an idea about what time I could get there.

A little later he called again, saying he was on the way. He wanted to cut the grass, and clean up around the yard. This was about 2:00. I said great! But I can't get out there til 5:30 at the earliest. He said that would be fine, and he would keep himself busy. Great I told him, I'll call him when I was on my way, probably about 5:00.

Janet got home about 5:00, and I was about ready to leave, when she shared that her freind, Patty, gave birth to their newborn son, Seth (Congratulations Patty!). Janet wanted to run our bassinet over, as they would borrow it for the next few months. OK, no problem. Except the bassinet didn't fit in her car's trunk, nor my car's trunk. I did manage to fit it in the passenger seat in her car (provided I moved the seat all the way back). So I didn't leave our apartment til 5:45.

I still had to run to Home Depot to pick up some items for my dad and I tonight. I tried calling him, but he didn't answer. I ran into Home Depot, and was on the way around 6:00. Tried calling again, and he still hadn't answered. I felt real bad as I knew he was working real hard by himself.

I got to the house about 6:30, and found him finishing up trimming the lakeside lawn. He had mowed the lakeside, trimmed the haybales, and the rest of the stuff we have out there. He also cleaned up our driveway real well, organized the remaining lumber for our future use, and cleaned up our side yards as well. He was very sweaty and tired.

So we worked on the neighbor's yard (the one that got wrecked a month ago). Then while I was finishing running some wire, he put up the silt fence that had been destroyed previously by the framers. This meant he was pounding in stakes with a heavy sledgehammer into semi hard ground.

He was very sweaty and dirty when done. I bought him a subway, and wished I could give him more. The least I can do now is say, "Thank you Dad! Janet and I really appreciate all your help. You are the best!"

I knew he was a great guy. Thanks for acknowledging his hard work.
was not a problem
yeowie....was not that hard to do
That "Georgie" IS a swell guy!!
"julia" :)

P - my outside could use a little "clean-up" too. hehe
We have an imposter out there. . . Who's juealla?
"julia" :)
somebody let the fish get away..lllllllllllwho is julia.?
Stop imitating me! I'm a celebrity! Just because you work, work, work at M & J's house doesn't mean you can be like me!!
"julia" :)

PS - it doesn't look like a fish to me, maybe a small whale instead.
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