Sunday, July 03, 2005

Lots of help today!

My aunts Gloria and Carolyn, and cousin Deanna surprised us, and came out to help with the telephone lines.

geeze look at those hardworkers! ;) because of us you guys will have phone lines in practically every single room in the house!!
Yeah... you guys rocked! Soon we can call you from them and bug you all the time about how we need painters!
I think this may look a little like an episode out of the 3 stooges movie.
Gosh, who is that beautiful, hard working one one in the middle???
I think that is Curly!!
Actually I was thinking she looks a lot like Julia Roberts.
OK, if that what you think we will let you believe that!!
My Broom carefull

Actually Julia isn't used to pushing a broom. You can have it back - for your ride.
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