Friday, July 15, 2005

A great week... another great week coming.

Ok... everything is fine now!

It was a good week. Plumbing is practically finished, now that the walls are up downstairs, the HVAC and electrical can be finished down there. The fireplace framing will be fixed tomorrow, along with a couple other issues. Everyone seems to be on track to be done with the roughins next week!

We scheduled a visit with the lighting people Saturday morning. It will be good to see how that comes together for us.

Next week, I meet the concrete guys to discuss our entryway. The plumber already has his inspection set next week, and the HVAC guy seems to be on track. My uncle, the electrician wasn't sure if we'll be done, but it will be close. Fireplace will go in Wednesday. It's all very exciting!

I am so glad we have a picture of Maeve smiling. She looked so unhappy on the other one.

This is exciting to see.

You and Janet and Maeve have worked very hard on all this.
cute photo!!
yes a cute photo
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