Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A good day

We wired most of the basement, and mechanical room today. HVAC guy was also there, as well as the plumber. My neighbor's trees were treated (as we've been driving on their roots the last couple months).

With help from my dad, and Russ (an old freind of Merrill's), we made great progress on the electrical front. We still have some runs to make but we did alot. My dad and Russ were a lot of fun, and did great work for us. The basement has 13 foot high ceilings, and we were on ladders all day running wire. We also put the bath fans in, and our step lights. It was a long hard day, but very productive. Geary was great of course. He gives great directions, and doesn't yell... (too much) He'll be back Thursday, and hinted inspection could be done Friday.

The plumber was there for a couple things (future laudry room and exterior faucets). He works fast, and he thought he'll be inspected this week yet.

"HVAC guy" was there too. It appears all he has left is the basement, and he thought they would be inspected Thur or Fri too.

Don't you love it when things go well?

The only thing that didn't go as planned was the framer didn't show up. He called and said something came up, and he wouldn't be out there until Wed. morning. Which was when the fireplace was supposed to be installed. So the fireplace gets pushed back to Tuesday next week. That was disappointing, but it will work out I'm sure. And if that's the only disappointment I get this week, I'll be estatic!

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