Sunday, July 17, 2005

A big week!

Lots going on this week, here's a primer...

Meeting "Concrete guy" at 7:00AM Monday morning to discuss our entryway and garage slab. Don't know if the work will get done this week or not, but at least getting that ball rolling.

The framers will be back to fix the fireplace, and a couple additional little jobs on Monday.

"HVAC guy" should be wrapping up his work this week, including running ducts down our new energy walls. Hopefully he'll get his inspection passed.

The plumber looks to have it the most together, already having his inspection scheduled for Tuesday morning. Though I may have screwed him up by requesting a couple late additions (roughins for a future laudry)

My uncle (Electro man!) is coming Tuesday for the big push. Wrapping up the last couple things on the top two floors, and getting the basement finished. If anyone is free Tuesday, let me know, we may need help.

Fireplace is scheduled to be done on Wednesday.

If everything is in place, we should be able to insulate next week! Keep your fingers crossed!

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