Saturday, July 02, 2005

Big time shopping!

Today we spent the whole day going from place to place trying to make decisions about various items we'll be needing in the not-so-distant future. We started out at Guyer's in Plymouth. Cara there gave us lots to think about in terms of a new microwave (with vented hood) and dishwasher. Then she passed us on to Doug who regaled us with the virtues of Norcraft cabinets and Corian countertops. Maeve was an angel, falling asleep and allowing me to place her in her stroller. Not wanting to wake her, I only strapped one arm and one leg into the straps... big mistake(!) because it didn't take long for us to notice she had slid through the bar and onto the floor. Luckily she was as surprised as us, and not hurt at all!!

After a brief stop back in Minnetonka for lunch, we headed to Minneapolis Uptown, to Bennett Lumber. Jilda there was very kind in showing us Diamond cabinets and Visionary countertop materials. Both she and Doug will be putting together bids, so if we can swing either one, we might not be getting cabinets from IKEA after all.

From Bennett we went straight to Warner's Stellian to comparison shop the microwave/dishwasher scenes. Prices there seemed similar, if not higher than Guyer's and the fellow there not nearly as knowledgable. I'm inclined to give Cara our business. Just to be sure we wouldn't be missing any fabulous deals, we stopped at Sears Outlet store, but the selection there is limited and prices seemed higher yet. Go figure.

Between Warner's Stellian and Sears we did make a completely unrelated trip to The Fan Man. Despite the name of the place, there were only a few fans in evidence and many more lighting fixtures, which is why we went there in the first place. GM and I are making some general decisions about fixtures. We think darker metal would be good for the hallway sconces. We'd like all the lights in the dining area, reading nook and the rest of the great room to somewhat "go" together. We're planning to have ceiling fans with lights in all the bedrooms and think we can splurge a little in our room, but keep the rest of the rooms fairly simple. We'd like to "make a statement" with the lights in the foyer, but didn't really determine what the means, and we think we'll have lots and lots of choices (what else is new?) for outdoor lights. So the end result is we looked, but didn't really decide on anything specific.

Tomorrow we have some people coming to help us run wires for telephone and TV cable. We plan to be out there around 11:00 until ? Anyone interested in joining us for fun and excitement, please do. It's going to rain anyway, so might as well do something productive.

Maeve is really a quick little girl. She could turn around in a blink of an eye. I guess she is teaching Mom and Dad to strap me in. You are so fortunate to have a little girl who likes to ride around in her car seat and look at wood, cabinets and lighting. She may grow up to be a interior designer.
She is a most forgiving girl. It is nice that she has such great grandparents to watch over her!
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