Friday, July 01, 2005

Becoming good on running wires

I've heard people talk about running wires, but have never really done it myself until this last week. My dad and I have spent much of the time this last week learning about how to unwrap a coil of wires, and where to run them, and how they are related to each other. While my uncle Geary was happily wiring the recessed cans in the kitchen. He suggested my dad and I run wires to the outside lights along the garage. My dad and I worked out how the line would run, verified with Geary that we could drill holes in some joists, and went to work on our own. Not bad for a couple guys who a week ago wouldn't know the first thing about this business!

Geary is going home for the weekend, and left me with the task of running all the telephone and TV lines for the house. So if anyone is free... give me a call! The one thing I'm not looking forward to is moving 65 cases of laminate flooring from Home Depot to the house Friday night. I'm sure I'll have to make the trip at least twice! Anyone free Friday night?

I did want to say a quick Thank You to those who have stepped in to watch Maeve these last couple weeks. We really have taken advantage of some of our friends at the last minute so I can head out to the house earlier to work. Janet and I really appreciate it!

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