Friday, July 29, 2005


For some reason I haven't been able to post pics that last couple days. Right now we are waiting for the fireplace to be installed, along with having the HVAC guys and framers finish up their work. Planning to schedule inspection again on Tuesday.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Here they are working on our entryway.

So I rescheduled the HVAC inspection for Tuesday, and will do the framing inspection at the same time. Will be interesting to see the concrete work done too. Insulation probably won't happen until early next week, as we have a couple things to do before they begin.

Our concrete floor got poured today.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

HVAC inpections.... still waiting...

Got a note from the inspector that he was locked out of the house, and we'll have to reschedule. Was it my responsibility to let him in, or the sub? Sigh...

Friday, July 22, 2005

HVAC inspections.... ????

I don't know. I talked with the guy, and he wasn't going to be out there today. He said the card should be signed. So I guess I'll have to wait til I get out there... which won't be til... Sunday maybe? Sigh... not that it matters as I know there is at least one thing he needs to do yet.

Plumbing inspection... PASS!

I couldn't wait, and called the plumber. No problems there! That's two... one more to go!

Electrical inspection.... PASS!

Just got a call from Geary... and we got a pass from the inspector! One down, two to go!

Roughin inspections Friday!

A very productive day today. The HVAC guy finished up (until I pointed out a couple things he forgot), I met Geary out there, who had his wife Connie along. We(or I should say _he_) finished up wiring the panel, and cleaned up some other small details. The framer came back and redid the fireplace finally.

Tommorrow there are three inspections. Plumbing is happening in the morning, and HVAC and electrical in the afternoon. If they all go smooth, I schedule the framing inspection right away for next week, and hopefully we can insulate right after that.

This week has gone really well. Let hope for a big successful finish!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ode to GWL3

I'm very lucky to have such a great guy for a dad.

He called me this afternoon, wondering if I was going out to the house to do some work today. I replied that I planned to, after work, and after Janet came home to take care of Maeve. He said he would meet me out there. That was great, I told him, and I'll call him later when I have an idea about what time I could get there.

A little later he called again, saying he was on the way. He wanted to cut the grass, and clean up around the yard. This was about 2:00. I said great! But I can't get out there til 5:30 at the earliest. He said that would be fine, and he would keep himself busy. Great I told him, I'll call him when I was on my way, probably about 5:00.

Janet got home about 5:00, and I was about ready to leave, when she shared that her freind, Patty, gave birth to their newborn son, Seth (Congratulations Patty!). Janet wanted to run our bassinet over, as they would borrow it for the next few months. OK, no problem. Except the bassinet didn't fit in her car's trunk, nor my car's trunk. I did manage to fit it in the passenger seat in her car (provided I moved the seat all the way back). So I didn't leave our apartment til 5:45.

I still had to run to Home Depot to pick up some items for my dad and I tonight. I tried calling him, but he didn't answer. I ran into Home Depot, and was on the way around 6:00. Tried calling again, and he still hadn't answered. I felt real bad as I knew he was working real hard by himself.

I got to the house about 6:30, and found him finishing up trimming the lakeside lawn. He had mowed the lakeside, trimmed the haybales, and the rest of the stuff we have out there. He also cleaned up our driveway real well, organized the remaining lumber for our future use, and cleaned up our side yards as well. He was very sweaty and tired.

So we worked on the neighbor's yard (the one that got wrecked a month ago). Then while I was finishing running some wire, he put up the silt fence that had been destroyed previously by the framers. This meant he was pounding in stakes with a heavy sledgehammer into semi hard ground.

He was very sweaty and dirty when done. I bought him a subway, and wished I could give him more. The least I can do now is say, "Thank you Dad! Janet and I really appreciate all your help. You are the best!"

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A good day

We wired most of the basement, and mechanical room today. HVAC guy was also there, as well as the plumber. My neighbor's trees were treated (as we've been driving on their roots the last couple months).

With help from my dad, and Russ (an old freind of Merrill's), we made great progress on the electrical front. We still have some runs to make but we did alot. My dad and Russ were a lot of fun, and did great work for us. The basement has 13 foot high ceilings, and we were on ladders all day running wire. We also put the bath fans in, and our step lights. It was a long hard day, but very productive. Geary was great of course. He gives great directions, and doesn't yell... (too much) He'll be back Thursday, and hinted inspection could be done Friday.

The plumber was there for a couple things (future laudry room and exterior faucets). He works fast, and he thought he'll be inspected this week yet.

"HVAC guy" was there too. It appears all he has left is the basement, and he thought they would be inspected Thur or Fri too.

Don't you love it when things go well?

The only thing that didn't go as planned was the framer didn't show up. He called and said something came up, and he wouldn't be out there until Wed. morning. Which was when the fireplace was supposed to be installed. So the fireplace gets pushed back to Tuesday next week. That was disappointing, but it will work out I'm sure. And if that's the only disappointment I get this week, I'll be estatic!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

A big week!

Lots going on this week, here's a primer...

Meeting "Concrete guy" at 7:00AM Monday morning to discuss our entryway and garage slab. Don't know if the work will get done this week or not, but at least getting that ball rolling.

The framers will be back to fix the fireplace, and a couple additional little jobs on Monday.

"HVAC guy" should be wrapping up his work this week, including running ducts down our new energy walls. Hopefully he'll get his inspection passed.

The plumber looks to have it the most together, already having his inspection scheduled for Tuesday morning. Though I may have screwed him up by requesting a couple late additions (roughins for a future laudry)

My uncle (Electro man!) is coming Tuesday for the big push. Wrapping up the last couple things on the top two floors, and getting the basement finished. If anyone is free Tuesday, let me know, we may need help.

Fireplace is scheduled to be done on Wednesday.

If everything is in place, we should be able to insulate next week! Keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, July 15, 2005

A great week... another great week coming.

Ok... everything is fine now!

It was a good week. Plumbing is practically finished, now that the walls are up downstairs, the HVAC and electrical can be finished down there. The fireplace framing will be fixed tomorrow, along with a couple other issues. Everyone seems to be on track to be done with the roughins next week!

We scheduled a visit with the lighting people Saturday morning. It will be good to see how that comes together for us.

Next week, I meet the concrete guys to discuss our entryway. The plumber already has his inspection set next week, and the HVAC guy seems to be on track. My uncle, the electrician wasn't sure if we'll be done, but it will be close. Fireplace will go in Wednesday. It's all very exciting!

Oh yeah... the shower now in too! Yay!

She's still singing...

The first performer on the stage... sang a lovely tune... "Wah Wah Wah, daddy pick me up"

The stage.

Here are the energy walls! (and Maeve)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Here's the other wall downstairs. You can see more clearly here how it's just placed over the concrete block.

Energy walls started!

Another pic of Maeve holding my camera case.

More ductwork went in today, and the energy walls were started. And finally the plumber can finish his job putting the shower in. That got delayed because the wall needed to be insulated and finished correctly.

Unfortunately the fireplace got framed incorrectly, so that might get delayed a couple days. We used the brochures dimensions, which shows the finished product, where we should've used the insulation instructions (which they never gave me...)

Energy wall should be finished tommorrow, so hopefully the plumber and HVAC guys can get finished early next week, and pass inspections. My uncle and I are intending to spend Tuesday out there to finish our work, and get the basement wired.

Duct work in our garage.

This is foil insulated boards that will help insulate the basement. Very pretty don't you think?

Mainfloor shower is set.

Here's our future laudry area.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Since there was a demand... here's a pic of Maeve petting Sebastian for the first time.

Another week with lots coming up!

Toilet and vanity for the mainfloor bathroom.

Unfortunately, the plumber won't be able to finish tommorrow as was originally scheduled. We need to have the space for the shower prepared first.

Still looking to have the energy walls in the basement done this week, which will be cool. The fireplace will get done Friday. I need to have the concrete guys out ASAP.

It's going to be a busy week... let's get it started!


The plumbing here for the vanity in the Master bedroom.

The drain for our laudry room.

You can kinda see the gap that used to be here with this picture.

The lighting is making this picture difficult, but you can see the new terrazzo along the wall here.

Ran out to the house to take some more pictures. This was the biggest vent that was patched up... the difference is is more pronounced in this picture then in real life.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Terrazzo floors are looking great.

Here you can see what it will kinda look like after it gets cleaned up. The new stuff is the 3-4 inches next to the wall, it's a little more brown then the older, whiter floor. Still, it's nice to have it completely terrazzo now.

I met the insulation guy today, who needs some work done before they get in. Basically creating some enclosed spaces in the attic area so heat and AC cannot escape.

Next week the plumber will hopefully finish up, energy walls will be constructed in the basement, the fireplace will be installed. I have got to call the cement guy to get our garage slab poured, and have the main entrance constructed.

This weekend will have Janet and I doing more shopping for lights, probably cabinets, among other things. We have just received today a great tip from a friend suggesting some places to shop at. If anyone else have suggestions for us, they are greatly appreciated!

Here's a spot on the Terrazzo that the guy worked on yesterday. This used to be an air duct, but was unusable for us now, so they filled it to match as best they could the old terrazzo.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The plumbing begins!

Our shower!

It was good to have the plumber there today. Boy he works fast! All the tubs and showers were there, and they were laying in the pipe for the whole house.

The Terrazzo guy was also there, I didn't take pictures of his work for some reason. He says he'll be done there tomorrow.

I'm meeting the insulation guy there tomorrow morning (8AM! yikes!) We're aiming for him to do his work in two weeks. I also scheduled the fireplace to be installed a week from Friday. Finally made contact with the sheetrock guy today too... he's all set. It's coming together very nicely. Isn't it nice when that happens?

By the way, I've set the comment section now to accept anonymous posts, so you don't need to sign in and register to comment anymore. Since that's the case, I'm asking you to please, in the comment section, suggest what colors we should paint the master bedroom?

Thank you!

Finally our door to the garage. The place is now kinda secure!

More doors!

It was very exciting to see the garage door completed today. They also framed in the tub, and put the deck plate on the side of the house. So good to see some work done.

I'm very excited about the plumber finally getting started tommorrow. He might be finished by Monday. Also, the Terrazzo guys will be starting their work tommorrow.

Geary and I finished up the upstairs and main floors. We also got a good start on the garage. He might not be out again for a week or so, as we are waiting for the energy walls to be completed. Hopefully some pictures tommorrow.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

More subs coming soon!

Finally got word from the plumber that they'll be in Thursday! Wonderful! The fireplace will be installed sometime in the next week, and the insullation guy will be out there the check out what he has to do in a couple weeks.

We didn't get out there today, but hopefully we have a door from the garage now.

Planning to do some electrical Wednesday night.

Monday, July 04, 2005

My uncle is back

Got some more done today. Geary, Jon, and my dad worked to get the main floor finished. Set up the kitchen outlets, and tacked up the wire we ran yesterday. Also put in outlets for the floor in the living room.

Geary thinks we'll be done in a another day. Adding a couple more switches my wife and I requested, and wiring the garage. No more can be done until we get our basement walls, which won't be until next week Wednesday.

The heating/AC guy should be getting more done this week, and hopefully the plumber will be able to start in a couple days. Also planning for the guys to fix the terrazzo this week too.

BTW - I fixed the archiving feature now, so you can look back at the original posts I created.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Cheryl and Todd came out to help... we tried running the wire for the oven, but there didn't seem to be enough of it.

TV and Telephone lines go in

Wow... we got a lot done today! We had lots of great help from our friends and family.

We met Jon, and Patty Bradway with Sarah and Sam. We immediately went to work. Patty and Janet started running telephone lines, and Jon was running TV/Cable lines. Sam and Sarah watched Maeve. Jo and George came out and helped too.

Unfortunately we then ran out of telephone lines before we were finished. We started running some other electrical lines, while Janet and Patty ran to get more telephone wire, and lunch. When they came back, the store had the wrong kind of wire unfortunately. Despair fell over the house, as it looked like we would not be able to do everything we wanted to do.

Then a call from our heros came. My Aunt Carolyn, Gloria and Deanna wanted to come out and help. A cry of triumph rang through the house as I carefully, and with detail explained what kind of wiring we needed them to pick up for us on the way. A half hour later they came, and we finished our task with speed. I'm sure my uncle will be surprised that we got everything done.

We also had help from Cheryl and Todd, though we didn't have enough oven wire. There was a surprise visit from Bud and Helen Lilley, Merrill's oldest friends.

Thank you very much everyone for coming out to help. My uncle will be out there Monday to continue work, as I will be too I suppose.

Lots of help today!

My aunts Gloria and Carolyn, and cousin Deanna surprised us, and came out to help with the telephone lines.

Here's Patty's kids, Sam and Sarah. They're looking forward to their future brother! They practiced with Maeve today. Posted by Picasa

Patty Bradway and her kids came out to help. Patty is pregnant and scared us all silly going up the ladders. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Big time shopping!

Today we spent the whole day going from place to place trying to make decisions about various items we'll be needing in the not-so-distant future. We started out at Guyer's in Plymouth. Cara there gave us lots to think about in terms of a new microwave (with vented hood) and dishwasher. Then she passed us on to Doug who regaled us with the virtues of Norcraft cabinets and Corian countertops. Maeve was an angel, falling asleep and allowing me to place her in her stroller. Not wanting to wake her, I only strapped one arm and one leg into the straps... big mistake(!) because it didn't take long for us to notice she had slid through the bar and onto the floor. Luckily she was as surprised as us, and not hurt at all!!

After a brief stop back in Minnetonka for lunch, we headed to Minneapolis Uptown, to Bennett Lumber. Jilda there was very kind in showing us Diamond cabinets and Visionary countertop materials. Both she and Doug will be putting together bids, so if we can swing either one, we might not be getting cabinets from IKEA after all.

From Bennett we went straight to Warner's Stellian to comparison shop the microwave/dishwasher scenes. Prices there seemed similar, if not higher than Guyer's and the fellow there not nearly as knowledgable. I'm inclined to give Cara our business. Just to be sure we wouldn't be missing any fabulous deals, we stopped at Sears Outlet store, but the selection there is limited and prices seemed higher yet. Go figure.

Between Warner's Stellian and Sears we did make a completely unrelated trip to The Fan Man. Despite the name of the place, there were only a few fans in evidence and many more lighting fixtures, which is why we went there in the first place. GM and I are making some general decisions about fixtures. We think darker metal would be good for the hallway sconces. We'd like all the lights in the dining area, reading nook and the rest of the great room to somewhat "go" together. We're planning to have ceiling fans with lights in all the bedrooms and think we can splurge a little in our room, but keep the rest of the rooms fairly simple. We'd like to "make a statement" with the lights in the foyer, but didn't really determine what the means, and we think we'll have lots and lots of choices (what else is new?) for outdoor lights. So the end result is we looked, but didn't really decide on anything specific.

Tomorrow we have some people coming to help us run wires for telephone and TV cable. We plan to be out there around 11:00 until ? Anyone interested in joining us for fun and excitement, please do. It's going to rain anyway, so might as well do something productive.

Working on the floors.

Isn't the terrazzo floor looking great?! Alex and I swept up this room really good, so when the Terrazzo guys come in to patch up the floor, they won't miss anything. We also pulled down the last of the foam insulation that was glued to the walls here, so when the energy walls get put up, there won't be anything in the way. I hope I can mop up this floor in the next couple days, and make it really shine. I have a mop and bucket... I just need a source of water...

The other part of our job today was moving that pallet of boxes in the middle of the room from Home Depot to the house. We got some laminate wood for the majority of our main floor. With help of my dad, and his pickup, we managed to load all 65 cases of laminate flooring, and a dozen or so rolls of foam, and unload them at the house. Janet was carrying these boxes too. We all worked up a real sweat! Well, ok I worked up a real sweat... my wife of course doesn't sweat... she perspires. ;)

Special thanks to Grandma Linkert for watching Maeve while the work was going on.

Janet and I will be spending time this weekend looking at kitchen cabinets, and maybe appliances. We also will be running telephone and TV wires through the house. If anyone wants to come out and help, give us a call!

Our good friend Alex Mueller came out to help Friday night. Part of the time we swept up the Terrazzo floor as best we could. You can see all the dust we broomed up in the photo. Posted by Picasa

The recessed can lights for our kitchen. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 01, 2005

Becoming good on running wires

I've heard people talk about running wires, but have never really done it myself until this last week. My dad and I have spent much of the time this last week learning about how to unwrap a coil of wires, and where to run them, and how they are related to each other. While my uncle Geary was happily wiring the recessed cans in the kitchen. He suggested my dad and I run wires to the outside lights along the garage. My dad and I worked out how the line would run, verified with Geary that we could drill holes in some joists, and went to work on our own. Not bad for a couple guys who a week ago wouldn't know the first thing about this business!

Geary is going home for the weekend, and left me with the task of running all the telephone and TV lines for the house. So if anyone is free... give me a call! The one thing I'm not looking forward to is moving 65 cases of laminate flooring from Home Depot to the house Friday night. I'm sure I'll have to make the trip at least twice! Anyone free Friday night?

I did want to say a quick Thank You to those who have stepped in to watch Maeve these last couple weeks. We really have taken advantage of some of our friends at the last minute so I can head out to the house earlier to work. Janet and I really appreciate it!

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