Monday, June 27, 2005

Progess continues with electrical, and here comes HVAC!

My uncle Geary started roughing in the outlets and such. Here's an upstairs outlet. We have the bedrooms on the main floor done, as well as the upstairs bedrooms and bath. Tommorrow we get recessed cans, and outdoor light fixtures.

Met the Heating and AC guy today. It's always fun to watch a professional at his/her job. He was very quick about showing were vents were going, and where to run the cold air returns. He was very consise to tell me what he needed.

I think Janet and I have finally settled on what we need for our plumber. Since tiling the floor of the shower isn't a job for a novice, we settled on getting an insert for the shower. Now the plumber can order it, and hopefully get him here ASAP. We now bear down on picking out our kitchen cabinets!!

By the way, I'm looking for a carpenter to put up some walls in the basement for me. If anyone is interested in a side job, or might know someone, let me know.

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