Friday, June 17, 2005

New steps at this door. Janet will be glad to have these here. Posted by Hello

Yes, way better than the precarious set of steps we had before.
Are these the steps that went into the "den" or where the pipes to the pipe organ were supposed to go?
Right... if you were to go up these steps, and turn left, you would've gone up the terrazzo steps (that aren't there any more)
Sandi (Larson) Fellrath will be glad to hear that the "infamous" steps related to our German Shepards lifelong dislike of her, are less treacherous now.
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Right, now if Sandi comes to visit, and we have a dog tied up in our mechanical room with her puppies, she (Sandi) won't have to worry that she might stumble on the stairs and frighten the new mama dog who would attack her thinking Sandi was trying to hurt her puppies.
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