Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Electricity and a door!

I forgot to take pics today, but the door in the back of the garage has been cut, and we have temporary power now, thanks to my uncle. I met the framers out there for some last few items. Heating and AC guys are starting tommorrow, roofers Friday, and the plumber will be out there next week (hopefully!).

Spent the majority of our time the last weeks trying to pick out sink and shower facets, and how to do the tubs. We spent a good amount of time at home depot looking at kitchen and bath cabinet. We like the IKEA kitchen cabs, and found some acceptable bath cabinets at Home Depot. We also found a good deal on flooring for our living room that we snatched up. 65 cases of laminte flooring... that's going to take a couple trips.

Janet really wants to tile the shower upstairs. Hopefully with the help of her friend Gail, they can do that. She believes she would like to tile the floor of the shower, but everyone I talk to about this comments about that it's more work. Does anyone out there have an opinion about tiling showers, and whether to tile the floor of the shower?

Glad people are enjoying this blog. We appreciate our family and friend's support.

I really like the look of ceramic tile on the shower floor and I think if you really want it you should do it. Of course I say this without any experience tiling.
I'm sure it looks better... but it seems to me when we get to the point of tiling this thing, we will just want to get it done, and not fool around with slopes and rubber membranes and all that. I certainly don't want this to leak!
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